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PEP & PRS Program

The Goal of MAA PRS/PEP Program

To empower pregnant and teen parents to be able to achieve their high school diploma and continue to pursue higher education.

Services offered

Parenting classes are offered to pregnant and teen parents. Social Worker assists teen parents by helping them create goals and connecting them with local community services.

Statistics on Teen Parents
Research from 
About half (51%) of teen moms have a high school diploma compared to 89% of women who didn’t have a teen birth. Young teen mothers are even less likely to graduate from high school. Fewer than four in ten (38%) mothers who have a child before they turn 18 have a high school diploma.
Parenthood is a leading cause of school drop out among teen girls—30% of teen girls cited pregnancy or parenthood as a reason for dropping out of high school.
Other data find that less than two percent of young teen mothers (those who have a baby before age 18) attain a college degree by age 30.
Children of teen mothers are more likely than mothers who gave birth at age 20-21 to drop out of high school. In fact, only about two-thirds of children born to teen mothers earned a high school diploma compared to 81 percent of children of later child bearers.
Children of teen mothers also do not perform as well as children of older mothers on measures of child development and school readiness such as cognition, language and communication, and interpersonal skills.